Our Mission: The Rutland County Housing Coalition (RCHC) provides services to prevent or re-house those

experiencing homelessness by offering hope to one person and one family at a time.

Our Vision: Empowering individuals and families through education, collaboration ans stabilization

to help prevent hopelessness and homelessness within our community.

Our Values: Through collaboration with our community partners we build respectful relationships through

trust and shared accountability, provide empowerment though education and awareness, offer

guidance and support with professional competence inspire dignity and self-worth through

compassion, respect and empathy.



Phone: (802) 775-9286


Fax: (802) 775-7436



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Homeless in Vermont?

In big cities homelessness may be easy to see, but in Rutland County homelessness is hidden in existing homes and hotels.

Families may be split apart to stay with family or friends, while others are packed into hotel rooms.

This unstable lifestyle can have serious consequences aggravating mental illness, addictions

and truly test the coping abilities of our community members.